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2017 Presentations

Program Guide (PDF)


Session 1a: Algae Issues
Sandy Kubillus (ILM) → Will Aeration Control Algae?
Javon Minor (Northwater) → Muck munching II: Two years of in-lake organic sediment management
Kyla Jacobsen (City of Elgin) → Algae Blooms and Drinking Water Challenges in the Fox River

Session 1b: Restoration Activities
Brian Valleskey (Manhard) → Performing Shoreline restoration in a T&E Species Hatchery
Bob Kirshner (Chicago Botanic Gardens) → Creating Native Shoreline Landscapes
Ted Gray (Living Waters Consultants) → Converting Degraded Detention Basins

Session 2a: Watershed Views
Robert Kay (USGS) → Monitoring Wells Installed for a Tunnel and Reservoir Plan System
Jeff Boeckler (Northwater) → Watershed Management; an Interactive Web-based System
Brent Register (YSI) → Stormwater Monitoring Basics

Session 2b: Exhibitor Sessions
Vanessa Williams and Bree → Another Wild Goode Chase
Heartland Dredging (Valenti-Held) → Pond and Lagoon Specialists
Mark Sharp (Aquatic Control) → The solution to all lake problems
Shoreline Solutions by CHAT → Affordable Living Shoreline

Session 3a: Climate Change and Lakes
Diane Tancl (IEPA) → Climate Change, HABs, Monitoring, and Regulations
Angela Larson (Alliance for the Great Lakes) → Water Resilience: Planning in Great Lakes Cities
Josh Ellis (Metropolitan Planning Council) → Getting out in front of Climate Change

Session 3b: Complicating Water Resources
Steve Frank (City of Springfield) → Springfield’s Quest for a Supplemental Water Supply
John Mayer (ERA Consulting) → Competing Land Uses, Serving Urban Development and Recreational Areas
Marj Brooks (SIU, Carbondale) → CyanoHAB Remediation Case Study: Campus Lake

#4 Session 4a: Associations and Volunteering

Pete Mesha (Lake Wildwood) → QGIS as a Powerful Lakes Management Tool
Tom Kubala & Nick Adams (Tower Lakes) → Dredging Plans and Implementation
Joe Rush & Michelle Nicol (VLMP)VLMP, More than just a Sheet of Data

Session 4b: What to do about Carp!
Frank Jakubicek (IDNR), Leonard Dane (Deuchler), & Tim Gardner (Clarke)Panel Discussion

Session 5a: Policies and Practice
Amy Walkenbach (IEPA) → Statewide Nutrient Management Programs
Julie Kinzelman (City of Racine) → Implementing Restoration at Samuel Myers Park
Jen Walling (IEC) → 2017 Illinois Lead Testing Law

Session 5b: Lake Dynamics (Limnology 101)
A panel of lake experts will be providing a crash course in the fundamentals of how lakes evolve, and how to connect the dots between lake dynamics and lake management.

Special Presentations
John Watson (University of Chicago) → Prairie Crossing: Creating an American Conservation Community
Joe Keller (Fox Waterway Agency) → Fox Waterway Agency: View from America’s busiest Waterway