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Conference Presentations 2015

From the 2015 30th ILMA Lakes Conference

• Chad PreGracke, Living Lands & Water
• Marcia Willhite (IEPA), Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy
• Stephen McCracken (DRSCW), Formation and Organization of the DRSCW

Understanding Types and Benefits of Fish Habitat - (25mb PDF)

Volunteering Actions
• Gary Swick (Friends of the Fox River)–Watershed Watchdogs
• Sue George (The Conservation Foundation)–How to grow BIG
• Greg Ratliff (IEPA)–The Illinois Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program

Lake Management Issues for Home Owners Associations
• John Bickley (Kovitz, Shifrin, & Nesbit)–Navigating Legal Issues Specific to Home Owners Associations
• Rich Bahr (Tower Lakes)–The HOA that Roared
• Richard Hilton (Wonder Lake)–Finding Funds for Lake and Watershed Improvements

Nutrient Management on Watershed Scales
• Adrienne Gulley (IL/IN Sea Grant)–Lawn to Lake Program
• Pete Fandel (USDA-NRCS)-Benefits of Cover Crops in Agricultural Fields for Nutrient Reduction
• Clinton Bailey (USGS)–Continuous Nutrient Monitoring in Illinois Streams

Partnership Formation (Panelists)
• Stephen McCracken (The Conservation Foundation/Des Plaines River Salt Creek Workgroup)
• Sue George (The Conservation Foundation)
• Rich Bahr (Tower Lakes Improvement Association)
• Ed Weilbacher (Kaskaskia River Basin Association)
• Nancy Schumm (Illinois Lakes Management Association)

What about Safe Drinking Water?
• Kyle Kaminski (YSI)-Detecting Algae Before the Bloom
• Justin Albertson (Illinois Public Health/CDC)-HAB Surveillance in Illinois: A Public Health Perspective
• Tyler Rotche (Prairie Rivers Network)–How can Storage and Disposal of Coal Ash Impact Water Quality

Urban Flooding & Stormwater Management
• Brian Valleskey (Manhard Consulting)-Stormwater Facility Maintenance & Management Concerns for Flooding and Water Quality
• John Willis (WBK)-Retrofit of the Busse Reservoir Main Dam for Flood Mitigation and Stabilization of Ecological Resources
• Kurt Woolford (Lake County SMC)-Urban Flooding: The Evolution of Stormwater Ordinances in Northeast Illinois

What Does Climate Change Mean for Lakes in the Midwest?
• Josh Ellis (Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council)-Getting out in Front of Climate Change: How Illinois is Working to Ensure Long-term Viability of our Water Resources
• Tim Asplund (Wisc. DNR)-Key Findings from the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI) Adaptive Assessment
• John Magnuson (Wisc. Univ.)-What Lake Ice Seasonality Tells Us about Lakes and Climate

Exotic Aquatic Species: Transportation, Colonization, and Management (Panelists)
• Bob Kirschner (Chicago Botanic Garden)
• Debbie Mauer (Lake County forest Preserve)
• Cathy McGlynn (Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership)
• Keith Gray (Integrated Lakes Management)

Capture and Release
• Eliana Brown (Illinois Water Resources Center)-Residential-Scale Best Management Practices for Lake Water Quality
• David St. Pierre (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago)-Phosphorus Removal to Combat Gulf Hypoxia
• Jim Patchett (Conservation Design Group)–Gray vs. Green: Integrated Green Infrastructure Solutions that Manage Resources and Enrich Communities
• Andy Stahr (The Pizzo Group)-Sustainable Landscapes: Rain Gardens with Native Plants

Lake Critters
• Nicole Vidales (IEPA)-Role of Aquatic Insect in Water Quality
• Jeremy Tiemann (INHS)-Damn those Dams; their Effects on Stream Ecosystems
• Daniel Miller (Wisc. Univ.)-Predation by sunfish (Lepomis spp.) on the aquatic milfoil weevil (Euhrychiopsis lecontei)
• Diane Tancl (IEPA)-Macroinvertebrate IBI in Illinois