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Call For Presenters

The Illinois Lake Management Association is hosting it’s Annual Conference March 4-6th  2024, in Champaign Illinois. We are looking to fill out our conference sessions with talks and presen- tations from professionals, teachers, students, or others with detailed knowledge on issues associated with research and management on lakes, waterways, watersheds, and fisheries.

Speaker slots will be 30/ 60 minutes. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • How Stormwater Impacts Water Quality in Lakes and Streams
  • Planning Lake and Stream Restoration Projects
  • Lake Management Planning
  • Fishery Research and Management
  • Aquatic Conservation Issues
  • How Land Use in Watersheds Affect Fish Populations
  • Granting Implementation
  • Lake Nutrient Cycling & Nutrient Issues
  • Harmful Algae Blooms
  • Shoreline Protection and Enhancement
  • Invasive Species Studies and Management
  • Emerging Topics

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and be submitted online @:

For questions about presentations or posters, contact Alana Bartolai at

The Illinois Lake Management conference will feature over 30 experts presenting on various topics. Come take advantage of the opportunity to learn and network with persons throughout the industry. Exhibitors from leading consulting firms, government agencies, and lake management groups will also be in attendance.

Limit 150 words