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Frank Loftus Award

To Recognize Frank Loftus’ tireless volunteer stewardship efforts and to provide local lake communities and lake users the opportunity to recognize local stewardship, in 2002 the ILMA membership established the Frank Loftus Conservation Award.  While memorializing the efforts of Mr. Frank Loftus, this award provides local Illinois lake organizations and communities the opportunity to nominate a local resident for state-wide recognition of their personal volunteer effort and commitment, dedication and stewardship efforts to address local lake issues.

If your local Illinois lake organization or community would like to nominate a local, non-paid lake volunteer for consideration by the ILMA Board of Directors, please complete this form and submit it to the below listed address.  (See the ILMA Lake Guardian Award for recognition of paid Lake Professionals)

The award is presented each year at the ILMA Annual Conference.

Past recipients include:

2002 – FRANK LOFTUS, Posthumously awarded, Apple Canyon Lake, Galena

2003 – LOU LISKA, Bruce Lake, DuPage County

2004 – BRUCE WALLACE, Silver Lake, McHenry County

2005 – RICHARD A. HILTON, Wonder Lake, McHenry County

2006 – MADELYNN WILHARM, Lake Galena

2007 – JIM ROBERTS, Twin Oaks Lake


2009 – TODD CURTIS, Ossami Lake, Tazewell County

2010 – PONTIAC HIGH SCHOOL, P2D2 Program Group, Pontiac, IL


2012 – MIKE CLIFTON, Loon Lake Management Association

2013 – ED LOCHMAYER, Bangs Lake Advisory Committee

2014 – Forest Lake Improvement Committee

2015 – DICK SCHICK, Lake Zurich

2016 – JOHN HUEBNER, Posthumously awarded, Round Lake

2017 – WILLIAM KROKOS, Camelot Round Table Association, Inc. 

2018 – STEVE BURGOON, Tower Lakes Improvement Association 

2019 – DON WILSON, Lake County VLMP for Hastings and Huntley Lakes 

2020 – GREG DENNY, Diamond Lake 

The ILMA Board of Directors requests the ILMA membership submit nominations for the recipient of the Frank Loftus Award.  Nominations should be addressed as shown below and mailed for receipt by December 31st, of each year. 

ILMA – Frank Loftus Award
P.O. Box 20655
Springfield, IL 62708