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Conference Presentations 2012

Presentations from the ILMA-Lakes March 1-3rd 2012 Conference

Opening Session

  • Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy, Northern Illinois University (PDF)
  • NIU Student SubUnit of Illinois Lake Management Association, Northern Illinois University (PDF)

Session 1

  • CECs: Contaminants, Sources, Significance, Dana Kolpin, Toxic Substances Hydrology Program (PDF)
  • A Brief Summary of U.S. EPS Research on Contaminants of Emerging Concern, Carole Braverman, Ph.D U.S.EPA Region 5 (PDF)
  • Keeping Pharmaceuticals Out of the Water, Laura Kammin, Pollution Prevention Program Specialist, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (PDF)
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Coal Tar Sealants, Cassandra McKinney McHenry Co. Government, Dept. of Planning & Development: Division of Water Resources (PDF)

Session 2

  • Growing Smarter, In the 4 Lakes Watershed Area: A Simplified Model of Green Infrastructure Impacts on Water Quality in the Bangs & Slocum Lake Watershed, Brian Valleskey, CFM, 4 Lakes Watershed Initiative Water Resources Specialist, Manhardt Consultants LTD (PDF)
  • Naturalized Detention Basin Design & Maintenance Recommendations, Steve Zimmerman, M.S., Applied Ecological Services, Inc. Restoration Ecologist (PDF)
  • Sustainable Stormwater Green Infrastructure Practices in the Illinois River Headwaters at the Lake County Central Permit Facility, Andrea Cline PWS, CPESC Water Resource Professional (PDF)
  • Stormwater Treatment Train Water Quality Impact, Experiences from Prairie Crossing, Michael Sands & Joseph Marencik (PDF)

Session 3

  • Fishing Clubs and Lake Management Partnering With Fishing Clubs to Improve Fisheries and Habitat, Greg Denny, Environmental Monitoring and Technologies, Inc. (PDF)
  • Artificial Fish Habitat, David Ewald (PDF)
  • History and Status Illinois Urban Fishing Program, Herb Dreier (PDF)
  • Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of Illinois, A supplement For the Illinois RiverWatch Program (PDF)

Session 4

  • Communicating the Values of Green Infrastructure, Aaron Cosentino, City of Elgin, Sustainability Coordinator (PDF)
  • Sustainable Approaches to Rainwater, Elmhurst College West Hall, Andy Joseph (PDF)
  • Monitoring Stormwater at a Permeable Paver Parking Lot: A Student Laboratory at Elmhurst College, Dr. Eugene N. Losey, Professor and Chair of Chemistry, and Ms. Anna Randazzo, Chemistry Major Elmhurst College (PDF)

Session 5

  • The History, Ironies and Observations on Clean Water in America, Nancy Schumm, CPESC (PDF)
  • Stormwater Monitoring: A Primer on Basic Data and Methods, Rebecca Kauten, MPP, CPESC-IT University of Northern Iowa (PDF)
  • General NPDES Permit for Pesticide Application Point Source Discharges, Leslie Lowry – Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (PDF)
  • Indiana Toll Road Mitigation, Greg Quartucci, Cardno JFNew, Senior Ecological Resource Specialist 3 (PDF)

Session 6

  • Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, 2011 Season in Review, and 2012 Season Scope, IL EPA (PDF)
  • AIS Outreach in IL: Reaching Recreational Water Users, Sarah A. Zack, Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist (PDF)
  • Plants of Concern: Monitoring Rare Plant Species in Chicago Wilderness, Chicago Botanic Garden, Susanne Masi, Pati Vitt, Greg Hitzroth(PDF)
  • Why Are The Lakes So Green? A Water Quality Project on the Fox Chain O' Lakes, Antioch Community High School (PDF)

Session 7

  • The Use of Bacteria and Enzymes on Pond Water and Sediment in a Controlled Environment, Sandy Kubillus, Integrated Lakes Management (PDF)
  • Lake Destratification with Venturi-type Eductor, Rick Twait, City of Bloomington, IL, John Salonich, Venturi Aeration, Inc. (PDF)
  • Lake Michigan Monitoring Program, (LMMP) Kevin Zidonis and Diane Tancl, Illinois EPA, BOW/Northern Monitoring Unit (PDF)
  • Use of USGS Hydrologic Data in Support of Lakes Management, Jon Hortness, PE Hydrologist, Illinois Water Science Center-DeKalb (PDF)

Session 8

  • The Physical Properties of Lakes, A Brief Overview of the Types of Lakes and how they Differ in Terms of Size, Depth, Watershed, Sedimentation, Residence Time and Flushing Rate, Peter Berrini (PDF)
  • Internal Properties of Lakes, Sandy Kubillus, Integrated Lakes Management (PDF)
  • Nutrients, Plants and Algae, Mike Adams, Senior Biologist Environmental Services, Lake Co. Health Depart. and Comm. Health Ctr. (PPTX)
  • Frank Jubicek, District Fisheries Biologist (PDF)

Session 9

  • Geothermal/Geo-Exchange Design Concepts and Development Projects for Ecological Benefits (PPTX)
  • Land Use Change and Non-Point Source Pollution Modeling in Agro-Urban Watersheds, Lisa Emili, Penn State University, Richard Green, NIU (PDF)
  • Hyper-alkaline Waters in Calumet Wetlands (South Chicago, IL): Karel Waska and Melissa Lenczewski, Northern Illinois University, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences (PDF)
  • High Plains Aquifer and a New Method for Estimating its Hydraulic Conductivity, Wei Luo, Depart. of Geography, NIU, and Darryll Pederson, Depart. of Earth and Atmosphere Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (PDF)
  • Hydrilla Early Detection Rapid Response Plan for Illinois, Cathy McGlynn, Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (PDF)