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Conference Presentations 2010

Conference Presentations 2010

The 2010 conference presentations posted are by the authors who have granted permission. Click to download files

“How to Write a Fundable 319 Grant”
Workshop on how to write a fundable 319 grant from U.S. EPA and Illinois EPA. Local governments, the Arboretum, and lake associations share their perspectives on 319 grant writing.

• Amy Walkenbach, EPA, (pdf 940kb)
• Cyd Curtis, USEPA, (pdf 3.4mb)
• Mike Prusila, L.C. Stormwater Mgmt. (pdf 1mb)
• Randy Stowe, Wonder Lake MPOA, (pdf 2mb)
• Leslie Berns, Forest Presrv. Dist. of Lake Cty (pdf 3.3mb)

“Natural Lawn Care Basics”
Workshop presented in partnership with Prairie Rivers Network. Funding provided in part by Illinois EPA, and USEPA through Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

• Lawn Maintenance (pdf 1.1mb)
• Lawn To Lake (pdf 2.8mb)
• Natural Lawn Care (pdf 1.8mb)
• Soil Testing (pdf 1.2mb)

"Fisheries" Presentations:
• Evaluation of Growth and Survival of Different Genetic Stocks of Muskellunge: Implications for Stocking Programs in Illinois and the Midwest
Max Wolter, MS.candidate; Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign, IL (pdf 1.7mb)

• Mechanical Macrophyte Harvesting, What’s the Catch?
Ken Cummings; EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Deerfield, IL (pdf 2.1mb)

• Improving a Bass Fishery: Stocking vs Habitat
Mike Garthaus; Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Gibson City, IL (pdf 988kb)

"Invasive Species" Presentations:
• Invasive Plant is a Big Problem for Lakes and Ponds – Brazilian Elodea in Lake County, IL
Leonard Dane; Lake County Health Department, Waukegan, IL (pdf 652kb)

• City of Chicago Invasive Species Ordinance
Sarah Abu-Absi; WRD Environmental Consultant for Chicago Department of Environment (pdf 1.9mb)

• Methods for AIS Prevention in Our Toolbox
Kristen Tepas; IL-IN Sea Grant, Glencoe, IL
(pdf 2mb)

"Shoreline" Presentations:
• Spring Lake Shoreline Stabilization and Naturalization Jonathan Koepke, CPESC ; ENCAP, Inc. Sycamore, IL (pdf 1.6mb)

• Erosion Control for Residential Shorelines
Hank Sutton; Lake Rip Rap, Inc. /Macoupin Boats, Girard, IL (pdf 6.3mb)

• The Jelkes Creek Restoration Project
Ted Gray; Living Waters Consultants, Oak Brook Terrace, IL

"Volunteer Lake Monitor Program" Presentations:
• Successful Pond Maintenance: What to do and what to avoid Jack Pizzo; Pizzo & Associates, Ltd., Leland, IL

• Wonder Lake – Are We There Yet?
Richard Hilton; Harvard, IL (pdf 1.5mb)

• Social Dimensions of Lake Ecology
Laurie Nannini; Eastern Illinois University, Elgin, IL

"Sedimentation" Presentations:
• Planning and Implementing a Dredging Project
Peter Berrini; HDR, Engineering, Springfield, IL (pdf 3.9mb)

• Lessons learned in the design analysis & modification of early 1900s dam, Elkhorn, WI
Brian Valleskey; Cowhey Gudmundson Leder, Ltd., Itasca, IL (pdf 1.1mb)

• High Lake Level Overtops Walton Lake Dam, Edward LaBelle; Crawford Murphy and Tilly Inc., Springfield, IL

"Management" Presentations:
• Current State of Knowledge Regarding Cattail (Typha spp.) Genetics and Hybridization
Pamela Geddes, PhD; Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL (pdf 2.5mb)

• LittLine Technology
Tim Gardner; Clarke Aquatic Services , Roselle, IL

• Sediment Removal: Are You Getting What You Are Paying For? Sandy Kubilis; Integrated Lakes Management, Waukegan, IL (pdf 892kb)