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2022 Presentations

ILMA - AFS Joint Annual Conference 2022

Session 1A : Fish Ecology

Session 1B: Methods

Session 2A: Watersheds

Session 2B: Restoration

Session 3A: Water Quality

Session 3B: Fish Habitat

Session 4A: Social Science of AIS & Fisheries

Session 4B: Mussels & Invasive Carp

Session 5A: AIS and Nusiance Species

Session 5B: Fish Resiliancy

Session 6A : Fish Population Ecology

Session 6B: Species of Concern & Climate Change

  • Jeremy Tiemann — Vitalogy: The Study of Life in the Vermilion River Basin
  • David Kraft, PE, CFM — Waterway Restoration and Climate Resiliency
  • Qihong Dai — Assessments of impacts from climate change agricultural disturbances on fish biodiversity in the Kaskaskia
  • Sara Ashcraft — Assessing population viability and habitat preference of Eastern Sand Darter in Illinois Running Waters