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March 22nd-24th 2018
BW Park Regency Hotel & Conference Center, Bloomington Illinois

  BW Park Regency Hotel & Conference Center

Located in Bloomington, IL, the hotel is offering a special rate of $72 per night. This rate included a complimentary breakfast coupon. To ensure that you get this rate please call the hotel directly at 309-662-4300 ext. 5 and mention that you are with the Illinois Lake Management Association. There are a mix of King and Double Queen rooms available. The deadline to receive the special rate is February 21, 2018.

The Park Regency offers cozy, elegant comfort along with a wide array of features and services. 70 designer rooms and suites, accommodations include plush bedding, complimentary high-speed wireless Internet, 32-inch flat screen TVs, in-room refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, safe lockers, made-to-order breakfast or hot breakfast buffet and more. The banquet halls feature state-of the-art audio-visual equipment that include projectors, touch-screen consoles, premium sound systems and wireless Internet access.


Online Conference registration is now available! There will be two methods of registration: online, and mail-in form.

• Online Exhibitor Registration  or  Mail-in form (PDF)

• Online Conference Registration  or   Mail-in form (PDF)

Online registration uses Paypal, which accepts major Credit Cards.

Mail-in form will need a form of payment included, (Check or money order).

poster presentation

  Call For Presenters

We will be looking to fill out our conference sessions with talks and presentations from professionals, teachers, students, or others with detailed knowledge on issues associated with research and management on lakes, waterways, watersheds, and fisheries.

A Call for Presentations topics have been announced, Learn More

In addition to presentations, an optional special poster session will be held one evening.


Online Exhibitor Registration is now available!

• Online Exhibitor Registration or Mail-in form (PDF)

Exhibitor registration will includes exhibit space (8x8 foot wide booth) with skirted table, electricity, meals, breaks, Exhibitor Reception, all program materials, and a Corporate ILMA Membership good for one year. 

Promotional Opportunities Conference Exhibitors have an option to make a contribution to help underwrite the cost of the social gatherings.  All Sponsors will receive special recognition in the Conference Program, as well as throughout the Conference.

Program Advertising Exhibitors will have the option to promote their business through advertisement within the Conference Program distributed to all attendees.

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  Additional Information

Photo Contest: Don’t forget to capture a great photo this summer! At each conference you can cast your vote for the ILMA photograph of the year. Photos will be on display near the raffle items. The winner will receive $50 and will be featured on the next conference program.

Name Tags: Attendees need to wear their nametag during the conference. Nametags are both a ‘ticket’ for conference meals and events, and helpful for sparking conversations with faces you don’t know.

Raffle Items: An auction raffle will be held one evening during the conference. It only takes one ticket to win, but your odds only get better with more tickets! All proceeds go towards the ILMA scholarship.


Conference Schedule

March 22nd – 24th General Conference Schedule (PDF)


[8:00-9:45] – Registration Opens
[9:45-11:15] – Concurrent Sessions #1

Session 1a: Algae Part 1

  • Rick Twait (City of Bloomington) → Why Does Algae Always Get a Bad Wrap…. a Brief Primer on Algae
  • Gare Ambrose-Igho (Illinois State University) → Spatial Patterns of Algae Blooms in Lake Bloomington
  • Jill Mayes (City of Bloomington) → Lakes After Hours: Continuous Monitoring of Lakes Bloomington and Evergreen Using a Buoy

Session 1b: Nutrients

  • Joseph Miller (Illinois State University) → Diurnal and Seasonal Variation in Nitrate-Nitrogen Concentrations of Groundwater in a Saturated Buffer Zone
  • Paul Terrio (U.S. Geologic Service) → Developing Numeric Criteria for the State of Illinois
  • Andy Hay (Tower Lakes) → Tower Lakes Bioswale/Raingarden Project

[11:30-12:00] – P2D2: A Problem + an Idea + a Bunch of Kids = a Solution

[12:00-1:30] – Lunch Break & Scholarship Announcements

[1:30-3:00] – Concurrent Sessions #2

Session 2a: Algae Part 2

  • Kumar Kuldip (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District) → Utilizing Microalgae for Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater
  • Teri Holland & Greg Ratliff (Illinois EPA) → BloomWatch, the App, and other Assorted Updates in the VLMP Program
  • Rachel Steiger (Southern Illinois University) → A Living Laboratory at Southern Illinois University: Remediation and Sustainable Science for Harmful Algal Blooms Following the 2016 Dredging of Campus Lake

Session 2b: Watershed Management

  • Mike Mounce (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) → The Proper Application of Fishing Regulations
  • Eric W. Peterson (Illinois State University) → Transport and Fate of Chloride from Road Salt within a Mixed Urban and Agricultural Watershed: Assessing the Influence of Chloride
  • Debbie Budyak (ILM) → Managing Shoreline Buffers and Cattails

[3:00-3:30] – Break

[3:30-5:00] – Keynote Session

  • Molly Flanagan (Great Lakes Alliance) → Threats and Opportunities facing the Great Lakes
  • Panel Discussion (ILMA) → Where are we headed? Policy and Funding

[5:00-6:00] – Exhibitors Reception

[6:00-7:30] – Dinner & Annual Member Meeting

[7:30-9:30] – Trivia night at BraiZe


[8:30-10:00] – Concurrent Sessions #3

Session 3a:

  • Invasive Species Michelle E. Nault (Wisconsin DNR) → Case study: Starry Stonewort
  • Greg Hitzroth (IL/IN Sea Grant) → Aquatic Invasive Species in Illinois
  • Michelle E. Nault (Wisconsin DNR) → Non-native Eurasian and Hybrid Watermilfoil Ecology and Herbicide Control

Session 3b: Dredging

  • Peter Berrini (Berrini and Associates, LLC) → Does My Lake Need Dredging
  • Keith Alexander (City of Decatur) → Lake Decatur Dredging: Can We Dig It? Yes We Can!
  • Charles Theiling (USACE) → Beneficial Use of Dredged Material: Can Soil Sales Save Illinois Lakes?

[10:00-10:30] – Break

[10:30-12:00] – Concurrent Sessions #4

Session 4a: Developing and Sustaining HOA Lake Committees Panel discussion with representatives from Bangs Lake, Tower Lakes, Timberlake, & Lake Burlington →

  • Establishing Committees, Engaging Resources, Partnering, Overcoming Challenges

Session 4b: Fish Habitat

  • Leonard Dane (Deuchler Environmental, Inc.) and Trent Thomas (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) → Types of Natural and Artificial Fish Habitat for Lakes and Streams
  • Mike Garthaus (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) → The Need for Fish Habitat Enhancement
  • Mike Mounce (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) → Fish Habitat in action

[12:00-1:00] – Lunch

[1:00-2:30] – Closing Session #5

Session 5: Climate Impacts

  • Joseph Honings (Illinois State University) → Climate Impacts on Surface Inflow into Evergreen Lake and Lake Bloomington Watersheds
  • Bryan Cross (Prairie Engineers) → What Does Climate Change Look Like?
  • Anthony Breitenbach (Illinois State University) → Temporal Effects of Heat Waves on Sex Ratios and Gene Expression in a Freshwater Turtle

[2:30-2:45] – Closing Remarks/Raffles


[8:00-12:00] WORKSHOP Midwestern Waterfowl and Shorebirds

At this workshop, Michael Bowers of the Audubon Society of Illinois will share his decades of experience on bird watching to help increase the chances of checking off those species on your birding bucket list. This workshop will focus on waterfowl and shoreline birds, but will provide a wide expanse of knowledge on bird identification and where to find them.

  • Morning in-class portion: Class instruction will highlight bird watching techniques on the ‘when’, how’, and ‘what’ to do in the field to maximize your bird observing skills
  • Field trip: Following the classroom session, an optional field trip will visit Lake Bloomington to practice bird identification Professional

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