Understanding and Controlling Shoreline Erosion

Presented by: Shoreline Metrics, LLC Hank Sutton, Senior Engineering Technician.

Hank is a Shoreline Erosion Control Specialist and owner of Shoreline Metrics, LLC. He was the founder and President of Lake Rip Rap, Inc. and Macoupin Boat Works in charge of design and production of steel mechanical riprap boats, the largest being 75 feet over all length with super shallow draft of 20” and a gross weight of 77 tons. Using Macoupin Mechanical Boats, his company has constructed shoreline erosion control structures along more than 200,000 lineal feet of shoreline on 42 midwestern bodies of water, primarily in Illinois (over a quarter of a million tons of riprap have been placed by Macoupin Boats). Hank has been a member of the Illinois Lake Management Association since 1987 and was presented the Lake Guardian Award by the Association in 2012.

Much of the information in this presentation comes from observations at Kinkaid Lake, Murphysboro, IL. The managers of this lake have contracted stabilization of more shoreline than any other reservoir in Illinois. Kinkaid Lake has been closely monitored for over 20 years by Lake Rip Rap, Inc., SIU Carbondale, Kinkaid-Reed’s Creek Conservancy District and Shoreline Metrics, LLC.

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