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HOA Lake Scholarship

HOA Lake Scholarship: Lake or Homeowner Association Lake-Related Projects

Do you have a vision for your lake?

The Illinois Lakes Management Association is proud to announce a new scholarship in 2024 that will be geared towards Lake and Homeowner Associations. We invite all lake and HOA associations to submit a brief proposal for projects that address a specific need or opportunity related to their lake.

Examples of eligible projects include (but not limited too)

  • Water quality improvement initiatives: Reducing pollution, monitoring water clarity and health, invasive species control.
  • Habitat restoration: Enhancing native plant communities, creating spawning habitat for fish, restoring shorelines, fish stocking
  • Public access and recreational facilities: Building docks, boat launches, trails, or educational signage.
  • Community engagement and outreach programs: Educational events, lake clean-up days, youth programs, conference attendance.
  • Research and monitoring projects: Studying water quality trends, fish populations, or other environmental factors.
  • Sustainable: Ensure long-term viability and positive effects on the lake ecosystem.

The HOA/Lake Association must be a member of the Illinois Lakes Management Association.

You can register for membership at

Funding Available:
One scholarship is available for a total of $500. While we know lake projects cost more than this, we are hoping this can assist towards your lake goals for 2024. Submission Instructions:

Please submit your proposal electronically to by February 15st, 2024. The proposal should be no more than one pages and should include the following information:

  • Project title
  • Contact information for the lead applicant
  • Project description

For more information:
Please contact Alana at

We encourage all lake and homeowner associations to submit proposals and help us make our lakes a better place to live, work, and play!

HOA/Lake Association Scholarship Application