ILMA LAKES Grant Replacement Challenge: We are issuing a challenge to all our members as well as all other Illinois Lakes and Watershed Stakeholders to help fund the continuing vital activities of this organization! As you may know all sustaining Grants from State agencies have been curtailed and we need to find replacement funding. You Can Help!

Just One Dollar ($1) for every Acre of Lake you represent (or a portion thereof) from our members alone would more than offset the grant loss and sustain our activities.

The challenge has already been met by several representatives of lakes in our membership. You can see their contributions and our progress here.

If you don’t have lake you are affiliated with: adopt a POND, LAKE, STREAM of appropriate size or just pick your own metric to contribute against (i.e. $1 for every lake we treat, $1 for every yard/mile of stream we maintain, $1 for every fish I caught last year – Buck-A-Bite...)

  • ILMA is a 503c organization and your contribution is tax deductible.
  • With 84,000 Lakes and ponds in Illinois this should be a “Buck-a-Body” of water.
  • LET’S FILL THE LOGO! The Grant provided about $15,000 annually.


ILMA-Lakes is 501c3 Not For Profit Corporation

Don't want to pay online? Download our Mail-in-form!

Help Us Achieve Our Goal


Bangs Lake Advisory Committee

Bangs Lake


Bangs Lake is 310 acres

Tower Lakes Improvement Association

Tower Lake


This is the Tower Lakes Improvement Association Donation to the Buck an Acre Challenge

VLMP-Lake Charles, Westmont, IL

Lake Charles


I gave more than a buck an acre cuz I like what your organization does!

Leonard Dane



Buck an Acre Challenge - $1 for each wonderful year on the ILMA Board (Since I don't live on a lake)

Wonder Lake MPOA

Wonder Lake


Wonder Lake is 830 acres

Grayslake Park District

Grays Lake


Grays Lake is 80 acres

Peter Berrini



101 plus lakes he has worked with during his career!

Woodhaven Association

Woodhaven Lakes



Round Lake Management Commission

Round Lake


Round Lake is 228.6 acres

Lake Wildwood Association, Inc

Lake Wildwood and Lake Tanglewood


Total approximately 250 acres